Providing a
Marketable Skill

Moms are sent to community college for 1-2 years to get a skill or trade that is sought after by employers. Our foundation also assists moms in selecting the right vocation for them, based on their natural talents and interests. In America today, community colleges represent a clear education path that translates directly into earning power. This can also be accomplished in ¼ to ½ the time of traditional four-year universities.

What is the US government doing to create opportunity for the middle class?

The middle class in America needs more opportunity – a way for those who want to help themselves to be able to have a better earning power thus improving their quality of life. Isn’t that the basic concept of the “land of opportunity”? The US government funded programs currently in place are not providing adequate opportunity:

The general accounting office (GAO) notes that there are 49 federal job training programs administered by 9 different agencies that cost taxpayers $14.5 billion a year. Unfortunately, the GAO also noted that there was very little accountability for performance in giving specialized training to people so they can get higher paying jobs by participating in these programs. Only 5 of the 49 federal job-training programs (11%) even had impact studies done on them. Of the five programs studied, the positive effect, “tended to be small, inconclusive, or restricted to short term impacts.” The GAO reports in the 1990s, in 2000 and in 2003 documented similar conclusions. The 2011 GAO study found substantial amounts of waste, fraud and graft in the federal job training programs in addition. Furthermore, government job training programs are often tied in with unions. Money from the US government intended for these programs is frequently used for union purposes other than the intended sole purpose of job training for those in need.

Are four-year college degrees producing earning power in the marketplace?

Today, roughly 50% of American people that graduate from high school go to college, with the vast majority going on to four-year universities. However, the fundamental structure of the American educational system is not geared towards directly providing students the skills they need in order to generate earning power in the marketplace. A Better Life Foundation addresses this problem by sending our scholarship recipients to a two-year community college in order to obtain a skill that is in high demand in the marketplace.